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Frontier High Speed Internet Deals

It’s time to replace dialup and update the way you get online by switching to one of our Frontier high speed Internet deals. Get on the Internet, check your email, chat with family, social network, download important documents, back them up online and stream content without skipping a beat. With Frontier Internet, you’ll experience browsing Internet in a whole new way. No more annoying buffering, lagging, latency issues or waiting for pages to load. Now you can enjoy the things you love to do with ease, such as watching movies, downloading music or gaming online.

Frontier High Speed Internet Deals | Rural Options

Although trying to find a high-speed Internet provider in a rural area proves to be difficult, it isn’t impossible. We’re partnered with HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet, providing rural America with a high-speed connection that is consistent, reliable and – wait for it – affordable! Download speeds start at 50x faster than dialup and allow for taking care of your online to-do list without a headache.

Aside from our HughesNet partnership, we have also come together with dishNET. These two satellite Internet options are available to new and existing Frontier customers and when bundled with other Frontier services will include exclusive discounts and savings. Contact us today to determine which plans are available in your area today!

Frontier High Speed Internet Deals | DSL

Our most broadly available and most familiar item is our high-speed DSL Internet. Frontier is able to make use of the preexisting copper telephone lines that are already installed in most modern homes, allowing for download speeds that reach up to 25 Mbps. Frontier DSL plans are available to both new and existing customers and qualify for bundle discounts when added to other services.

Frontier High Speed Internet Deals | FiOS

FiOS Internet is the newest frontier when it comes to high-speed internet. Frontier purchased FiOS lines, as well as the FiOS name, from former owner Verizon. This ground-breaking technology has sent Frontier to the front of the race, now offering more ways to get online than any other Internet provider on the market. With the fastest Internet speeds available to-date, there’s nothing you won’t be able to do with broadband that can reach up to 35 Mbps. You’ll have business-quality, lightning-fast Internet installed directly in your home. Along with fiber-optic Internet service, you can also get Frontier FiOS TV and Internet in qualifying areas.