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Discover Frontier HSI

Frontier High Speed Internet is Fast, Reliable, Affordable and up to the task of meeting the expectations of even the biggest Data head!


Frontier FAST!

With both Fiber and DSL options Frontier has a FAST High Speed internet options whether you are just checking your email or a gamer!



With customers in 29 states you can rest assured that Frontier's High Speed Internet is Reliable, and will be there when you need it!



Frontier High Speed Internet has wireless options to make sure you can enjoy your High Speed Internet without having to find an outlet!



Frontier Also offers a technical support bundle to go along with their High speed intenret assuring your computer stays safe and secure!

Frontier High Speed Internet

Frontier High Speed Internet Has a couple different options for your High Speed internet service. In certain areas Frontier has Fiber Optic cables run for their network so you can enjoy blazing speeds that are un ubtainable through a traditional dsl connection. If you don't have Fiber available in your area Frontier still Has a normal copper connection which you can get speeds that will typically max out at around 3mbps down. Which for the average internet user will more that suffice.

  • Frontier High Speed Internet
  • Frontier Phone Service
  • Frontier Services Can be bundled with new or existing DISH network TV service.
  • Frontier Bundles can save you up to 30% off of your monthly bill.

Frontier High speed internet is availabe in 29 states and approximitaly 6,000 different zip codes nation wide. If you think you are in a Frontier area we can validate your address and give you the pricing plans and packages that are available in your area.

Ordering frontier services is as easy as picking up the phone and talking to one of our Frontier Experts. We can let you know how much cost if any will be required to set up and then what exactly your monthly bill and services would be

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